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Lake at Dusk

This Is Our Story

Jenko's Vans started from a dream of converting a regular work van in to a campervan for the holidays. As the compulsion to travel grew, Will took a step and decided to purchase his first van (Biggy) and to try and make it a reality. As the conversion journey began, so did the realisation that Biggy would remain tripless for most of the year; something had to change.  The change came in the shape of forming a bespoke campervan rental company with family at it's heart; a way to share a resource with more people, build a community and help travel become viable during a period of economic hardship.

As the idea grew, so have the opportunities. Our next van (Smalls) was bought and began being converted into a micro-camper; ideal for a couple of adventurers. Although we are early in to the history of Jenko's Vans, there is much to look forward to and much needed adventure awaits!

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